10 Things About Robotic Lawn Mowers You Should Know

Imagine never worrying about having to physically mow your lawn again; no more getting up early on the weekends or pushing a noisy mower around in the heat of a summer’s day. Thanks to robotic lawn mowers, this can be your reality. For many homeowners, the idea of a robot mowing their grass is both […]

Robotic Lawn Mowers

Imagine never worrying about having to physically mow your lawn again; no more getting up early on the weekends or pushing a noisy mower around in the heat of a summer’s day. Thanks to robotic lawn mowers, this can be your reality.

For many homeowners, the idea of a robot mowing their grass is both intriguing and scary. What if we told you that a robotic lawn mower is not only easy to operate but can also save you time and money? On top of that, these technological wonders are packed with numerous other benefits to make your life easier.

Here are 10 things about robotic lawn mowers you should know before making your decision.

1. Time-saving

How perfect would it be to spend some quality time with your family on a freshly cut lawn after a hard day of work or, particularly, after a busy week? The sight of a clean yard is always dear to the eyes, but you may not have enough time to push lawn mowers around. Automate the task by delegating the duty to a helpful robotic lawn mower!

With a robotic lawn mower, you can be off at work or out with friends and still have a lush, well-maintained lawn. Save your hard-earned time and money by letting your robot take care of things while you enjoy yourself with loved ones. Have fun with the kids before they are all grown up.

These fantastic machines are surging in popularity for their efficiency in cutting grass precisely while buying you time. Simply schedule the automatic lawn mower to operate to your convenience. Unlike humans, they don’t care if it’s day or night, sunny or rainy. You can set the mower to trim your lawns at any time, for any duration you want, and leave it at that.

Stop sacrificing your precious time maintaining perfect lawns yourself. Instead, find the freedom to go do something more productive or fun, whatever you want.

2. Easy & Convenient

When it comes to convenience, you just can’t compare robot lawn mowers and manual mowers. First off, these robots operate autonomously without requiring a human operator. Once you set the perimeter wires and adjust the settings on your robotic lawn mower, it will work independently to get your lawn ready without anyone having to get off their couch.

What’s excellent is that you don’t have to be home for them to be in operation. Monitor and command them using a mobile app from your office or even when you’re on vacation to enjoy a perfectly mowed lawn when you get back.

Even for charging, these robots handle it themselves by automatically returning to their charging stations. You don’t need to charge them manually. They can also fit pretty much anywhere without occupying too much of your storage space due to their smaller size.

3. Large Area Coverage

Going out in the field and mowing your lawn manually can be fun sometimes, especially if you have a smaller lawn, but imagine having to mow for hours on end every few days. It’s exhausting! At this point, you’ve surely sweated out all the fun.

To your rescue, Roboworld houses a wide range of robotic lawn mowers that cover lawns as small as 200m² up to large commercial properties. For instance, the Ambrogio L400 Deluxe is a powerful robotic lawn mower with a 4×15 AH lithium-ion battery that can run continuously for 11 hours, covering an area of up to 20,000 m².

Having robots handle your large lawns saves you labour costs and ticks fuel costs off your lawn maintenance budget.

4. Extremely Quiet

Running a noisy petrol mower in a residential area can be problematic, especially if your neighbours don’t tolerate it. Additionally, it’s not suitable for places like or near schools and health care facilities that need consistent sound levels.

With brushless motors, smart mowers ensure ultra-quiet operation, helping you maintain low-noise levels and a peaceful neighbourhood. You no longer have to worry about disturbing the surroundings while beautifying your lawn. No more waiting for the perfect time to mow your lawn.

You can even schedule your automatic lawn mower to run at night; you and your neighbours would sleep right through it.

5. Environmentally Friendly

With the increasing risks associated with climate change, it’s more important than ever for us all to look after our environment. A petrol mower is one of the least environmentally friendly ways to cut your carbon footprint as it uses fossil fuels and emits greenhouse gases.

On the other hand, the robot mower is an eco-friendly solution that minimises environmental hazards. These battery-powered tools neither emit dangerous gases nor require fossil fuels to operate. You don’t even need to replace batteries because it recharges using electricity. If you’ve got solar panels, that’s even better since you go fully green.

Your robot mower will let you have perfectly groomed lawns all year round without compromising the environment. Moreover, you reduce waste since the trimmings get recycled as natural fertiliser for the soil.

6. Perfect for Commercial Applications

The benefits of a robot lawn mower are not limited to residential use. It’s equally serviceable, if not more, for commercial applications. Whether it’s vast playgrounds and stadiums or smaller scattered lawns at corporate premises, robots have you covered.

You get powerful mowers in the Australian market, with strong motors and extended battery backup for continuous usage in commercial sectors. In addition to the previous benefits, it’s a budget-friendly option for your company to cut down lawn maintenance costs in the long run. Like solar panels, you’ll recoup the initial investment in due time and then it’s all savings from then on.

For complex lawns with separate areas, Roboworld has portable lawn mowers that are compact and lightweight, so you can take them around and mow multiple lawns. The Ambrogio L60 Elite S+ doesn’t even require a wire perimeter.

7. Incredible for Lawn Quality

The ultimate goal for using any lawn mower is to maintain a healthy and green lawn at all times. Robotic mowers meet this goal by leaving you with lush, green lawns after every mow. From uniform lawn cutting to reaping the benefits of mulching, you name it; the robot mower does it for you.

Unlike traditional mowers that leave clumps of unhealthy grass clippings all over your lawn, robotic mowers only cut off a few millimetres with each pass, leaving behind very small trimmings. These finer grass clippings quickly decompose, acting as natural fertiliser for your lawn and helping promote its growth cycle by returning nutrients into the ground where they belong. Our Stirling Christian Church case study shows how the quality of the church lawn drastically improved soon after the instalment of our medium project robotic mower, L250 Elite.

Robot mowers with articulated wheels are designed to ensure uniform and even coverage, no matter how uneven the terrain, which is hard to achieve with a regular mower. The smaller cutter heads in these robots closely follow ground contour with random mow patterns, never leaving your lawn with uneven cuts. Furthermore, the mini bar blades used in Ambrogio robotic lawn mowers are strong enough to cut off tough grass and slice them off instead of tearing or uprooting them. The result? You avoid yellowing grass blades and get a vibrant lawn.

8. Weed Management

Unnecessary weeds in your lawn ruin garden aesthetics. What’s more, certain poisonous weeds can cause respiratory discomfort or even life-threatening consequences if mistakenly consumed by children or pets. Poor maintenance and infrequent lawn mowing favour the growth of weeds, so robot mowers can be literal life-savers in this case.

While a robotic mower doesn’t necessarily kill weeds, it discourages weed growth due to frequent and scheduled mowing. You can pre-set the cut height to make sure no vegetation grows over it, and as a result, weed growth is put in check.

Automatic mowers are great tools to keep weeds out of your lawn while providing you and your family a safe garden to enjoy.

9. Slope Mowing & Safety

Using a robot mower is the best way to tackle steep slopes, common on Australian lawns. It’s risky for grounds staff members or even homeowners to be using ride-on mowers in these areas. There’s no such risk with robots, and instead, it is relatively peaceful. We have robotic slope mowers that can handle up to 55% or close to 30° slopes.

Now when it comes to pets and concerns for their safety, Ambrogio mowers feature a microdevice called Amico that you can attach to your pet’s collar. It signals the mower to shut down when near pets, so there’s no need to worry. Furthermore, the mowers automatically turn off when tipped over or lifted off the ground for any reason and also send a notification to the connected devices.

10. Long Term Cost-benefit

Purchasing a robotic lawn mower may seem like a considerable investment. However, it’s highly profitable in the long run, especially when you consider the need for constant fueling, high maintenance, and the manual labour requirement of petrol-run lawn mowers.

With robot mowers, the prime overhead is electricity, which isn’t nearly as expensive as the ever-rising fuel prices. A medium-size lawn requires about $3 monthly for electricity bills with an electric mower. As previously mentioned, it’s cheaper or even entirely free if you’ve got solar power.

You also save plenty on recurring labour costs. Considering the recent pandemic and lockdowns that we went through, labour shortage is a real issue. You can’t just let your lawns grow wild at this time. Robots come in real handy here. Ultimately, no amount of money can truly validate the precious time you save using an automatic lawn mower. 

To add to all this, a robot mower saves you 14m³ of water and 4 kgs of fertilisers annually!

Find the right robotic lawn mower for you

If you’re a homeowner or field manager looking for an efficient long-term solution for mowing your lawns, Roboworld is here for you. Not only do our robotic mowers save you money, time and hassle, but they also give you lush, green lawns with great ease. These nifty machines are also environmentally friendly and perfect for commercial applications. Plus, who wouldn’t want a device that’s whisper-quiet?

We pride ourselves on offering some of the best robotic lawn mowers in Australia. Bringing Italian technology to Australia, Roboworld features a wide range of Ambrogio robotic lawn mowers with industry best mowing time, battery life and warranty. With the options for any lawn size and fully automated functionality, Ambrogio would be a great addition to your lawn maintenance.

We’re here to help you find the best automatic lawn mower for you. Call (02) 6923 0077 or contact us today to discuss your requirements with one of our experts.

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