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Case Study: Church lawn maintenance

Ambrogio’s range of robotic mowers sold by Roboworld Australasia are designed to run any time day or night without the need for human intervention. This makes them perfect for maintaining disused or unoccupied properties…

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At the beginning of the Covid crisis, many properties such as churches, schools and entertainment venues stopped being used. However all these properties still need to maintained.

One such property is the Stirling Christian Church, in Wagga NSW. The church is a reconditioned house, with a lot of lawn, which all needs to be mown at least once a week to keep maintained as a nice lawn. The lawn is consistently watered, but not well maintained, with many weeds growing through due to infrequent mowing. Andrew, a church trustee, commissioned Roboworld to implement a lawn care solution.

We installed 1 x L250 Elite, mowing for 6 hours, 5 days a week. This mower can easily cover the area and navigate around the trees successfully, and has GPS guidance for a consistent finish, and also GSM connectivity for security and remote monitoring. Not only has this kept the lawn looking perfect and consistent throughout the lockdown and time when the church is not used, it has resulted in an enormous improvement to the health of the turf. The constant cut has stopped the growth of weeds, as none have been able to grow above grass height to become established. The consistent height and resulting mulching has forced the kikuyu turf to spread rapidly, filling the gaps previously filled with weeds. Overall the lawn has thickened, and spread, becoming a fine matt and looking more like a sports field than a church lawn.

Image below taken 23/01/2020 prior to installation:

Before Church lawn maintanance

Image below taken 11/03/20, about 2 months after it had stopped being used for regular church services. Taken about 1 month after the robot has been installed, it can be seen working on the left hand side of the image. The red base station can be seen at the top center, next to the building. Turf is beginning to spread in the front of the property.

Church lawn maintanance- Case Study

Image below taken 11/09/20. Turf has now spread thickly across the entire property, and is more healthy due to the extra mulch.

After Church lawn maintanance

Image taken 29/03/21

Final View of Church lawn maintanance

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