Case Study: Large property owner

Suburban properties with large areas of irrigated turf are a common application for robot mowers. We enjoy installing at these properties as there is always a huge time saving for the property owner…

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Andrew is a full time business manager based in NSW. He has a large property with a lot of rye grass lawn, which takes a long time to mow, and grows very quickly with a bit of warmth. This means mowing at least once a week, and leaving large clumps of cut grass lying around the house if the grass is not collected, or disposing of large amounts of clippings if it is.

We installed an L250 Elite to maintain the area. It has 8 start points around the garden and is currently maintaining around 3200m2 of grass, mowing just at night so it does not disturb the family during the day. After nine months of mowing, the lawn is visibly thicker and healthier, as a result of the increased nutrients returned due to the consistent mulching. There has been no need to dispose of large amounts of grass clippings, and the lawn requires less water due to the increase thickness and root growth.

Image below taken 17/05/20, prior to installation

Before L250 Elite installation

Image below taken 20/03/21, 9 months after install.

Lawn is even and consistent. At the rear of the house the mown area is divided about 2/3 length down the backyard, in line with the rear side of the shed. Andrew prefers to leave the last 3rd of the yard as his children are often building bike jumps and changing the area. The difference in grass quality and thickness can be easily seen.

After L250 Elite installation

Andrew is very happy with the outcome and has regained enormous amounts of personal time due to not having to mow once a week. you can read his review here: https://www.productreview.com.au/listings/ambrogio-l250i-elite

To learn what type of robot would suit your property the best, or a bit more about the benefits of using a robot, please contact us!

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