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The best part about your Ambrogio Robot is that it doesn’t require any intervention or help from you. Your robot mower will maintain your lawn independently and automatically. These work cycles can be programmed to occur at regular intervals and will alternate cutting cycles automatically with your robot mower’s recharging needs.

When the batteries of your Ambrogio Robot need to be recharged, it will give out a warning and independently return to its recharging base.

Not at all. Your Ambrogio Robot cuts just a few millimetres of your grass every day for a lawn that will always look freshly mown. These clippings are left in the wake of your robot mower to become a natural fertiliser for your lawn and improve your lawn health over time.

Your Ambrogio Robot operates within boundaries marked by wires. These boundary wires will generally be positioned around the edges of your lawn and clearly demarcate the areas you want your robot mower to maintain. The wire can be buried so it does not affect the way your lawn looks or fixed to the ground using plastic nails. The start and end of the wire will reconnect at the recharging base, which is in turn, connected to a power outlet.

Your Ambrogio Robot has been designed to work at an ambient temperature of -10°C to +50°C. This temperature range is much wider than the growth rate of your grass.

Your Ambrogio Robot can continue to maintain your lawn while it rains. To prevent your robot from getting dirty though, we recommend switching on the rain sensors. Cutting wet grass can damage your lawn, so activating these sensors will return your robot to its recharging base until the next work cycle. To learn more about this setting, refer to the section named ‘Programming mode’ under ‘Settings’ in your operating manual.

If there are areas in your lawn you don’t want your Ambrogio Robot to collide with, all you need to do is surround the areas with boundary wire. Refer to the section named, ‘Preparation and marking the boundaries of the work areas’ for in-depth instructions. Your robot mower will approach the edge of your wire and then move in a different direction. 

Your Ambrogio Robot can recognise objects that are over 10cm in height. It will approach and gently make contact with the object to cut the surrounding grass. Your robot mower will then continue in a different direction, it cannot be damaged by objects nor will it damage objects.

The electricity costs your Ambrogio Robot will incur for the maintenance of a medium-sized lawn will add up to a little over $3 a month. This is much less than the fuel costs of a petrol-driven lawn mower.

All your Ambrogio Robots are designed with safety in mind at all times. The safety of your pets can be assured with the Amico micro device. All you need to do is attach the device to your medium or large animal collars. If you have a pet tortoise or any other similar animal, the device can be attached to its back. The device maintains a dialogue with your Ambrogio Robot and shuts down the blades when it is near your animals.

We’re glad you asked! This is one of our most common questions and the short answer is, “It’s not ideal” But, let’s explain why. Foreign objects like dog poo in the grass is not handled well by any mower – the matter tends to stick to the blades and underside of the mower and not be spat out like the grass clippings because it’s a lot more dense and full of moisture. The tough, durable blades (see more about them here: https://roboworld.com.au/razer-blades-vs-mini-bar-blades/ ) used by the Ambrogio robot mean it will be mulched to the same height as the cut lawn regardless, but it will spread across your grass, and possibly reduce the performance of the mower. The mower will need to be cleaned more often, and also, who wants this spread all over their lawn? So, we recommend removing your dog poo before using your Ambrogio Robot (as you would with any mower) to ensure a clean and healthy lawn.”

Ambrogio robots are set up to run in a perimeter wire. This gives accuracy when mowing the edges, and also provides a physical boundary for the mower to operate within. As soon as it is moved outside of its boundary, it will stop working and send an alert to smartphones and devices via the app.
For theft prevention, our robots are fitted with sophisticated tracking and geolocation software. Utilising both GPS and GSM networks, every move is tracked and every event is monitored remotely. As soon as the robot is moved outside its mow area, or tilted to a certain angle, an alert is sent via the phone network to the user app. Using a preset geofence perimeter, the mower can be accurately tracked to its location.
In the event that a robot is stolen, it can be quickly recovered. Not only can you watch your robot in real-time in your app, we can also perform remote troubleshooting and view event history.

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