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Ambrogio’s range of robotic mowers sold by Roboworld Australasia are designed with your pets in mind. Be it small, or large, safety is key.

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We often get asked, “Are robot mowers safe for pets?” It’s like asking whether cars have good fuel economy because some cars are economical, but others certainly aren’t. It’s the same with robotic mowers. Some are pet-friendly, and others aren’t.

Ambrogio robot lawn mowers are the most advanced on the market, especially in keeping your furry friends safe in the backyard. Robot mowers are an incredible addition to your home, and they come with many benefits. However, pet safety is always a consideration that many people have.

This article will explain why Ambrogio is the best robot lawn mower for pets. We’ll also see why not all robot mowers are created equal when it comes to pet safety.

Why most robot mowers aren’t safe around pets

Most household pets don’t particularly like the idea of a robotic machine moving around in their space. For most animals, ‘their space’ means everywhere inside and outside your house. If you’ve ever seen how a dog behaves while you vacuum, you’ll know what we mean.

Animals are curious, which means they usually want to investigate when something in their space seems different. A robot mower is the very definition of this. Whether the mower is loud or quiet, pets detect movement and want to chase it. This can be problematic, especially when the movement is caused by a machine that can harm them.

Don’t robot mowers have object sensors?

Most robot lawn mowers indeed have motion or obstacle sensors. This is how they navigate around the yard effectively, without crashing into rocks, play equipment, gardens and anything else you may have lying around the yard.

We should mention here that regardless of how good your robot mower is, it’s a good idea to keep your yard as obstacle-free as possible. Your mower will work more effectively if it can move freely over your lawn. Plus, depending on the type you buy, lesser brands or older models may not have the ability to detect smaller items on the lawn.

Back to the sensors, though. While most robot mowers have sensors, it’s what they do with those sensors that let them down. Typically, if a robot mower senses an obstacle, it may gently collide with it. Alternatively, it may turn and proceed in another direction. While this might sound fine, the problem is that the blade stays on.

What makes Ambrogio robot mowers different?

Ambrogio has developed a fantastic system for keeping our four-legged friends safe in the backyard, even when the mower is operating. The answer is the Amico system.

Amico is a Bluetooth collar that your pet can wear, which sends a signal to the robot when your pet is in the area. You can set it extremely easily, and it’s just like any other collar that your dog or cat would wear. You simply pair it to your mower using your Ambrogio app, and technology does the rest.

When your pet goes near the mower (or vice-versa), the Amico signal tells the mower to turn off its blade and move away. Unlike other mowers on the market, your Ambrogio robot lawn mower shuts down the blade, meaning no curious paws or sleeping tails can be hurt.

There are also other safety features such as delicate bump and contact sensors and blade shrouds. Roboworld offers robotic mowers with current sensors on all wheels and blades, which stop the wheel or blade if it hits something hard, like a rock. Additionally, sturdy shrouds on blades keep small objects and body parts away from it.

If you’re considering purchasing an Ambrogio mower, or you already own one, ask us about Amico. Our team can always help you install your robot mower correctly, including the Amico system for pet safety.

How to keep pets safe with a robot mower

We know pets are curious creatures. Dogs, especially, love to chase and play with things. It’s brilliant that Ambrogio’s Amico system can help protect your pets from spinning mower blades. But what if your pet won’t leave the mower alone? It will be safe, at least, but if your mower has to constantly stop cutting, your lawns won’t be getting the treatment you desire.

Luckily, Ambrogio robot mowers have other benefits that will make it easier to manage your lawns and keep your pets happy and healthy.

Length of cutting time

Most Ambrogio robot mowers have a superior continuous cutting time compared to others on the market. You may be wondering how this helps your pets. With longer continuous cutting times, you can get large areas of lawn mowed in one pass.

Once the lawn is mowed or the battery gets low, a robot mower returns to the charging station. Ideally, you want to let your pets out for their yard time when the mower is charging. But that’s not easy if your robot mower is back and forth to the charger all day.

Thanks to Ambrogio’s longer cutting time, you can get the lawn mowed, then keep the mower in the charging station while your pets roam free.

Remote monitoring to check if the yard is clear.

Ambrogio mowers can be monitored remotely from an app, which means you can always check what’s happening in your backyard. You can look at the Ambrogio app from inside the house and see if the mower is docked for charging. If it is, you can let the pets out to enjoy the yard. If not, but you want to let the pets out, you can instruct the mower to go back to the charging station.

This is particularly valuable for people with pets that go in and out through pet doors. If you’re not there all day, you can still check that the coast is clear. Also, you can get an alert if Amico causes the mower to stop, and you can decide what to do. Send it back to the charging station, or let it go if you know that your pets aren’t particularly bothered by the mower.

Flexible mowing schedules

Much like longer cutting times make it easy to manage your pets’ outdoor time, flexible mowing schedules also give you more options. You can set your mowing schedules through the Ambrogio app however you like. If you only want the mower to operate at night, you can program it that way.

In fact, with some mowers, you can set up 4 different mowing schedules. This gives you complete control over when the mower is out in the yard and when it’s charging. You can tailor everything to suit the times of day that your pets are outside. Pets actually do quite well when on a schedule, and they can get used to having certain times of the day outside.

Choose the Amico system for Ambrogio robot mowers

Naturally, the Amico system is the very best protection you can offer your pets. Simply attach the device to your pet’s collar, and they’ll be safe from your mower. Even the most curious animals tend to get used to things in their environment. This can be a good thing because, hopefully, it means your excitable pooch stops chasing the mower. However, it can also be risky if your pet gets so comfortable that it will just sleep on the lawn while the mower is working.

When pets are near, the Amico system shuts down the mower’s blade, so if you’ve got a happy pet sleeping on the lawn, your mower won’t go near it with the blade running.

What about other animals in the yard?

Our beloved pets aren’t always the only animals on our property. Whether it’s possums, wallabies or even curious neighbourhood cats, we can’t expect to put an Amico collar on all of them. Most of these uninvited animal intrusions occur during the night, so you’ve got the simple solution of programming your mower to operate during the day.

If that’s not practical, especially if you have your own pets that you want to keep safe during the day, Ambrogio still offers excellent protection. With smart mower technology, your robot mower can handle small animals roaming your yard. Most uninvited creatures aren’t curious like dogs, so they’re likely to stay away from the mower. Just in case they don’t, obstacle detection helps to keep them safe.

Ask us about the optional Amico system

Roboworld is your local expert when it comes to Ambrogio robot mowers. If you want to start enjoying the benefits of a beautifully manicured lawn without lifting a finger, we’ve got products to suit everybody.

We’ve got everything from economical robots suited to smaller yards to our elite models that can handle huge areas. There’s an Ambrogio robot lawn mower for every home, and we’d be glad to help you choose one.

If you have pets that will be sharing the yard with your Ambrogio mower, ask us about how we can help. This article should give you some good tips on keeping your animals safe, but installing the optional Amico system to your mower is the ultimate protection. Contact us today to discuss things in detail with one of our specialists.

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