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Set and forget with an automatic mower

Maintaining a great looking and healthy lawn is a time-consuming task. You either spend hours of your free time pushing a mower to get the beautiful lawn you want. Alternatively, you don’t mow as often as you should, and your lawn won’t be healthy. Fortunately, there’s a solution, thanks to Roboworld’s automatic grass mowers.

No longer do you need to choose between enjoying your free time or having immaculate lawns that are the envy of the neighbourhood. With an auto lawn mower, you can take back your weekends while still having the beautiful, healthy lawn you want.

Automatic Mowers for Sale in Australia

There are a considerable number of automatic lawn mowers in the Roboworld range, and they’re all designed to make your life easier. Best of all, there’s a model available for all types of lawns – large, small or somewhere in between. Some automatic mowers are great for slopes, and some don’t even need a wire perimeter for successful operation. Minimal clippings from regular mowing also increase your lawn’s health.

Here are three great automatic lawn mowers you’ll find in Roboworld.

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L35 Basic

The brushless motor of the L35 Basic is powerful enough to keep your lawns looking fantastic and healthy all year round. It may be compact, but it can handle up to 8 different areas with GPS assisted mowing and takes care of areas up to 1200m2. The advanced technology of the L35 Basic includes flex-rubber rear wheels, rain detection sensors, a four-point star blade. You can even choose the optional Amico sensor for pet safety. This automatic mower is cost-effective and easy, with a maximum permissible slope of 45% and 2.5 hours of continuous cutting.

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L60 Elite

The L60 Elite is perfect for smaller yards, especially if you’ve got some places that are hard to reach. It features a 2-hour continuous working time before it automatically returns to the charging station for a recharge. It easily handles lawns up to 200m2. Best of all, the L60 Elite is lightweight, portable and needs no wire perimeter installation for operation. The L60 Elite handles slopes up to 50%, so it can even get to those hard-to-reach spots. With a 4-wheel drive for difficult terrain, the L60 Elite is the perfect choice for keeping your lawns healthy all year round.

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L400 Basic

For the ultimate in robot mower technology, you can’t go past the unbeatable L400 Deluxe. Made for a premium cut and use in large areas, the L400 Deluxe leaves all other robot mowers in its wake. With 11 hours of continuous mowing, this incredible mower can handle slopes up to 45% and areas as large as 20,000m2. With technology such as rain sensors, a user interface with touchscreen display, GPS tracking and an eco mode, you can’t go wrong. This robot mower is for large areas and is one of Australia’s finest auto lawn mowers. If you value your time but want impeccable lawns across your whole property, the L400 Deluxe is for you.

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The Benefits of Using a Quality Automatic Lawn Mower

One of the most significant benefits of using an automatic mower is getting a healthy, beautiful lawn. Regular mows are great for grass health because the minute clippings fertilize the lawn. On the other hand, mowing by hand once a month usually leaves large clumps of grass clippings which damage your lawn’s health.

Aside from grass health, there are many other reasons why people love using a robot mower in Australia.

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Mow at Any Time of Day or Night

One of the great things about automatic lawn mowers is the ability to take care of your lawn at any time. Battery-powered mowers automatically return to a charging station when they need more juice. You won’t have to monitor them continually or put them on charge yourself. Most importantly, they are quiet, so if you’d prefer to mow your lawns at night, set your robot mower up for evening use.

Schedule Mowing When it’s Convenient

More than just the ability to mow at night, automatic mowers give you the option to schedule mowing whenever you want. After you’ve used it a couple of times, you’ll work out how long it takes to complete the job, giving you even more flexibility over when you use it.

Robot lawn mowers can be scheduled to start and stop at any time. For example, if you don’t want it getting in the way of the kids playing outside, you can schedule it to operate during school hours when nobody is home. Better still, you can even schedule it to keep up with lawn maintenance while you’re away on holiday.

Give Yourself More Free Time

If you value your free time, the last thing you probably want to do on weekends is painstakingly push a mower around your yard. Plus, if you don’t like mowing lawns, you’ll tend to let it get pretty long before performing the unwanted chore. That makes it more challenging, with endless dumping of grass clippings making the job even harder.

Automatic mowers can work as often as you like, even performing small trims every day if you desire. As such, you never have to spend your time worrying about lawn maintenance ever again. Your weekends will be your own again, to spend doing the things you love.

Automatic Charging

Robot lawn mowers provide you with a complete ‘set and forget’ operation for keeping your lawns healthy and looking great. In the early days of robotic home-help devices, you still needed to monitor their battery levels and plug them into a charger when they were low. However, the intuitive technology of Roboworld’s automatic mowers means you no longer need to worry about this.


The mower is smart enough to know when it needs charging, and every model has a different continuous run-time. When it needs charging, the unit automatically returns itself to a charging station. How’s that for smart mowing?

Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, your automatic mower requires no supervision to function. Once you’ve set it up, it will mow automatically according to the schedule you choose, whether it be during the day or at night.

Yes, automatic lawn mowers will mow around any obstacles on your own whether it be children’s toys, a dog, or anything else. Using in-built sensors, they will stop and change direction before continuing to mow.

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