Electric Robot Lawn Mower

Take back your precious time with a modern electric robot lawn mower.

Life shouldn't be one endless chore after another. Spend time with family and friends doing the things you enjoy rather than mowing the lawn. An electric lawn mower robot helps you do just that by working autonomously, bringing you a healthier, more beautiful property without you having to lift a finger.

Available Electric Robot Lawn Mowers

When it comes to electric lawn mowing robots, there are several options to choose from at Roboworld. Whether you need a small electric robot mower for hard-to-reach places in a small yard or something capable of working on much larger properties with multiple lawns, or anything in between, we have something in store for every mowing purpose.

We offer robotic mowers designed for smaller lawns of up to 1800m2 and heavy-duty ones that you can go all out with for areas up to 20,000m2. Whether you have a large property or a complex yard layout, we can offer you an electric mower that’s perfect for your situation.

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L350 Elite

Say you want incredible looking lawns but don’t have the time or patience to spend your weekends behind a mower. In that case, the L350 Elite electric mower is a brilliant choice. Impressively, the L350 Elite handles areas of up to 7,000m2 and can even work on slopes of up to 45%. The features don’t stop there because it also includes a rain sensor, eco mode, compatibility with voice assistants, and a user-friendly touchscreen display. With a brushless motor and Bluetooth connectivity, you can ensure your lawns are cut beautifully every time, and you can even manage it remotely.

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L250 Elite S+

If you’ve got a lot of grassed areas to work with, a great option is the L250 Elite S+. With a massive 7-hour continuous cutting time and some of the most advanced features in the Ambrogio line, the L250 Elite S+ can easily handle up to 8 separate areas of your property. You can manage lawns up to 5,000m2 with this remarkable grass robot mower, and it can even handle slopes of up to 45%. For bigger yards, the L250 Elite S+ represents terrific value. It’s even voice assistant compatible, comes with rain sensors, and is a fully GPS-assisted smart cutting machine.

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L400 Deluxe

For the ultimate in electric mower technology, there’s nothing that compares to the excellent L400 Deluxe. Made specifically for large grassed areas, the L400 Deluxe is packed with advanced technology and features that simply can’t be beaten. With 11 hours of continuous mowing, this electric robot mower can easily manage slopes up to 45% and work for areas as large as 20,000m2. With technology such as rain sensors, a user interface with touchscreen display, GPS tracking and an eco mode, it’s hard to match the features of this electric robot mower. You can handle the largest spaces with this machine, one of Australia’s finest electric mowers. If you value your time but want impeccable lawns across your whole property, the L400 Deluxe is for you.

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The Benefits of an Electric Robot Lawn Mower

You may be content with your manual lawn mower right now, so why spend a bit more on an electric robot mower when yours does the job just fine?

There are plenty of reasons to love automatic lawn mowers, and one of the primary ones is because it lets you seize your valuable time. With the lawn taken care of, you can spend your weekends doing more of the things you love.

However, the benefits of a robotic lawn mower aren’t limited to time savings. Here are a few significant benefits of electric lawn movies that can’t go unnoticed.

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Healthier Lawn

Regular lawn mowing gives you a much healthier lawn. Traditional lawn mowers tend to leave clumps of grass clippings even if you use a catcher. For larger areas, ride-on mowers usually don’t have a catcher at all. These large clumps of grass clippings actually damage your lawn’s health.

On the contrary, with regular use of an automatic lawn mower, you have finer grass clippings that mulch into the ground, fertilising your lawn and making it look much better and healthier. You’ll never need to empty a mower catcher or rake grass clippings again. Simply program your electric mower to work at a specific time, then sit back and relax.

Better for the Environment

We all want to do our bit for the environment, which is why using an electric robot lawn mower makes more sense. The full-electric drive system means no carbon emissions, unlike traditional petrol mowers. When your robot mower finishes its programmed work or the battery runs low, it automatically returns to the charging station.

You also won’t have any trouble with noise pollution because the ultra-quiet operation is barely noticeable. You can run your electric lawn mower robot even at night without any complaints from neighbours.

Mow at Any Time: Day or Night

Another benefit that tags along with the silent operation of your robot mower is that you can let it run whenever it’s convenient for you. Set up your automatic lawn mower to work anytime during the day or even at night, and get the job done without causing a disturbance. If you have neighbours close by, this is an exceptional benefit.

In addition, electric mowers in Australia can be used at schools or places where excessive noise usually causes issues. Rather than having grounds staff disturb students by using a ride-on mower during the day, schools, hospitals or other such institutions can use automated lawn mowers overnight to keep their grounds in impeccable condition.

Superior Battery Performance

Roboworld offers electric robot mowers that use lithium-ion batteries rated for 1,000 complete discharge cycles before any sign of deterioration. This means that your lawn mower’s battery will only start to visibly degrade after 1,000 cycles of fully charging and discharging. You can continue running your mower but the batteries will gradually lose their capacity to hold a charge, at which point you can start to consider replacing them.

Our robotic mowers feature industry-leading run times thanks to their large battery banks. When you invest in an electric mower, you want to be sure it lasts, and that’s what you get with our incredible products.

Lightweight and Easy to Move

The lightweight and portable design of robotic lawn mowers makes them capable of managing a second property. So, while off-schedule at your place, you can lend yours to a close friend or relative to help manage their lawns.

You also have access to electric lawn mower robots that don’t require perimeter wires installed on the property. The L60 Elite S+ will work without boundary wire installation, meaning you avoid any complicated wiring concerns. Wherever you need lawn mowing, our electric robot lawn mower will readily serve you.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Our products are available in various stores across Australia. For more information on purchasing, shipping and delivery, email us directly at [email protected] or contact us.

Modern robotic lawn mowers are energy-efficient and consume less electricity than the fuel consumed by typical petrol-driven mowers. For a medium-sized lawn, you can expect to pay just over $3 per month for your robot mower.

Though most electric robot lawn mowers work fine in the rain, not all are entirely waterproof. Ambrogio robots, on the other hand, are highly water-resistant and can trim your lawn even while it is raining. However, note that it isn't actually healthy for your lawn to be mowed during the rain. Plus, your robot mower also gets dirty quickly. We have rain sensors on our electric lawn mowers, so your robot will automatically return to its charging station in case of heavy rain.

Electric robot lawn mowers hold many advantages over conventional petrol lawn mowers. Aside from saving you time and money, these portable robots provide you a healthier lawn while also being environmentally friendly. Their silent operation, in particular, is hugely convenient because it lets you schedule mowing operations at any time of day. So, yes, electric lawn mower robots are good although they can be a bit expensive upfront.

Best Electric Robot Lawn Mowers in Australia

We bring you the highest quality Italian technology with Ambrogio robot lawn mowers. Our robotic mowers are engineered to work even in harsh weather conditions, making them the best electric lawn mowers in Australia.

With Roboworld, you have access to quality electric lawn mower robots with fantastic features, such as:

  • High-quality, maintenance-free brushless motors
  • Bump and tilt sensors for safety
  • App accessibility
  • LCD touchscreen for effortless programming
  • Ability to tackle up to 50% slopes
  • Self-charging, high-quality batteries with a long lifespan
  • GSM connectivity and GPS-assisted mowing

Please email us at [email protected] or simply contact us to discuss your requirements with one of our team members. We can suggest the best electric robot lawn mower for your situation and help you get your hands on it as soon as possible.

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