Robot Grass Mower

Take your time back with a grass lawn mower robot

Do you want your lawn to look great all year round? Regular mowing keeps your outdoor areas looking fabulous, but that takes a lot of time away from the things you love doing. Now, you don’t have to choose between mowing the lawns or spending time with family and friends. Sit back and let your robot grass mower take care of everything.

Robot Grass Mowers For Sale in Australia

If you are looking for a robot grass mower, Roboworld has just what you need. Whether you have a smart home with a small property, large property, or complex yard layout, we can offer the perfect grass mower for your needs.

Our small robot models are ideal for smaller yards of up to 1,800m2, and our larger machines will serve you brilliantly if you have a larger property up to 20,000m2 with intense cutting needs.

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L32 Deluxe

The L32 Deluxe is designed for smaller yet more complex yards. If you’ve got separate grass areas, narrow sections and other hard-to-reach spaces, the L32 Deluxe is perfect for you. With one hour of continuous cutting before needing a recharge, and a permissible slope capability of 45%, this powerful, innovative mower can give you a great looking lawn all year round. The L32 Deluxe comes with 100m of perimeter wire and everything you need to install it yourself. There’s no need to pay for professional installations.

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L35 Deluxe

With a highly efficient brushless motor, the latest motherboard and the Advanced Satellite Cutting system, the L35 Deluxe has all the features you need. You’ll benefit from 2.5 hours of continuous cutting and the ability to manage 8 separate areas of your property. The L35 Deluxe is perfect for areas up to 1800m and can even handle slopes of up to 45%. The L35 can be modified with different blade, wheel and battery options to suit different types of lawns. This robot grass mower is excellent for handling very complicated lawns.

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L250 Elite S+

If you’ve got a lot of grassed areas to keep tidy, you can’t go past the L250 Elite S+. With a massive 7-hour continuous cutting time and some of the most advanced features in the Ambrogio line, the L250 Elite S+ can easily handle up to 8 separate areas of your property. You can manage lawns up to 5,000m2 with this incredible grass robot mower, and it can even handle slopes of up to 45%. These are just a few of the options available from Roboworld, but there are many more that you can check out in our online store or in person. Best of all, there’s something for every budget. Whether you want a more affordable option like the L32 Deluxe for your smaller yard, or something as powerful as the L400 Deluxe, which runs for 11 hours and can handle up to 20,000m2, you can always find what you need with Roboworld robot mowers.

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The Benefits of a Robot Grass Mower

Lawn mowing is such a chore, and we all know it. Yet, sitting down and chilling on a freshly trimmed lawn is just so relaxing. It may seem like a waste to spend heavily on a robotic grass mower when you can get things done by your traditional mower, but think about how much time and effort you save through automation.

There are plenty of reasons to love automatic grass mowers. One of the best parts about robot grass mowers is that they save you thousands of hours of manually mowing over the years. So, instead of spending your weekends cleaning up and trimming down your yard, spend them doing something you love.

Here are some benefits you enjoy with a robotic lawn mower.

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Healthier Lawn

When you cut your lawn regularly, your property stays much healthier. When you use a mower without a catcher (like most ride-on mowers), you’re left with clumps of unhealthy grass clippings all over your lawn. If you use a mower with a catcher, you’ve got the hassle of constantly emptying it as you mow. 

Since lawn mower robots operate regularly with a minimal cut and uniform cutting height, you have fewer grass clippings that easily mulch into the ground. No more emptying catchers, no more raking after mowing. Just healthier, greener lawns due to natural lawn fertiliser.

No Emissions

Lawn mowers powered by petrol/ diesel are a significant source of greenhouse gasses, so switching to energy-efficient mowers can make a big difference. But what if you could go even further and eliminate emissions entirely? That’s where automatic grass mowers come in.

Robot mowers are battery-powered, meaning there are no emissions, no matter how often you use them. Once your robot mower has finished its programmed work, it automatically returns to the charging base. It even recognises when the batteries are low and heads straight to the charger. Plus, they are a lot of fun to watch!

A significant advantage of having a robot grass mower is its quietness. So, there’s no noise pollution, and you can get your lawns mowed at night. It’s particularly beneficial for schools and other areas where noise is an issue. Grabbing a robot grass mower to help make your neighbourhood a quieter and more pleasant place to live by reducing your carbon footprint and noise levels.

Reduced Costs

Many consider the classic petrol lawn mower as their best option because they believe traditional mowers are robust and easy to use, making them ideal for large lawns. That was definitely true in the past, but today, petrol lawn mowers are simply too costly to run in the long run. You’re constantly refuelling and the costs add up, particularly with fuel prices steadily rising over the years.

On the contrary, electricity-powered robotic grass mowers are much cheaper to run. The only running cost for a robot grass mower is the electricity required to charge it, and for a medium-sized lawn, this is around $3 per month. You’d easily spend more than that on fuel for just one mowing cycle with a traditional mower.

You’ll also save plenty, especially in regards to repairs. There are no long-term costs associated with a robot grass mower because there are no such parts that get damaged easily, except for the blades. You can now say goodbye to replacing filters, belts, and other engine parts.

Plus, your robot mower cuts more regularly and effectively, leaving you with healthier lawns. All this for less than the fuel cost of running a regular mower. Also, if you put a value on the time you would typically spend pushing your mower around the yard, a robot mower starts making even more financial sense.

More Time for the Things You Love

Mowing the lawn is a necessary evil work for most homeowners. It’s a never-ending chore that takes valuable time away from family, friends, hobbies, and extra income opportunities. Robot grass mowers operate autonomously, allowing you to enjoy your free time without worrying about lawn maintenance. They also help you save money on lawn care services.

Money comes and goes but you only lose time. Do you want to waste that time mowing your lawns? If you’re tired of sacrificing your free time to maintain a beautiful lawn, invest in a robot grass mower.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, you can leave your grass mower out as it’s designed to operate under all weather conditions. If you keep it covered or in a garage, though, you extend its lifespan and protect it from rain, direct sunlight, storms and extremely hot and cold conditions while it’s not operating.

In comparison to conventional lawn mowers, robotic grass mowers are exceptionally safe. We can attest to this using statistics on the number of sales over the past decades in relation to the number of injury reports. Robotic grass mowers have collision sensors and other smart systems such as automatic switching off of blades when lifted from the ground, which drastically reduce the risk of injury.

Robot lawn mowers do not collect your grass clippings. They are designed to cut your lawns frequently and minimally. This means you get minute clippings that get easily mulched into the ground instead of clumping together. As a result, your lawn will look tidy, and clippings won’t be too visible.

Choose From the Best Electric Robot Grass Mowers in Australia

You deserve better than spending your weekends mowing the lawn. Let modern technology take care of your yard and enjoy its convenience. Invest your time in the things that make life worth living rather than wasting away mowing grass.

With a modern robot grass mower, you can enjoy life more and spend less on manual lawn care. Spend quality time at gatherings with friends and family while letting an automated mower do all the work for you.

At Roboworld, we pride ourselves on being experienced specialists in automatic grass mowers. We only bring you the best Italian technology with our Ambrogio robot grass mowers. Our robotic mowers are durable, long-lasting, and expertly engineered to work flawlessly in a vast array of grassy environments. Our parent company has over 40 years of experience in the lawn mowing industry, so we know what it takes to bring you a quality product that will make your life easier.

With us, you have access to quality automatic grass mower robots with fantastic features, such as:

  • Top-notch, maintenance-free brushless motors
  • Bump and tilt sensors for safety
  • Smartphone app accessibility
  • LCD touchscreens for effortless programming
  • Capability to tackle up to 50% slopes
  • Self-charging, high-quality batteries with a long lifespan

You can email us at [email protected] or simply contact us to discuss your requirements with one of our automated lawn mowing specialists. We can suggest the best robot grass mower for your situation and help you get your hands on it as soon as possible. Plus, we offer free consultations and obligation-free demonstrations to let you clearly see these automatic grass mowers in action for yourself. We’re here for you, so you can be there for your family!


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