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Too big a lawn? No problem for our automatic robot mowers

If you’re looking for a hands-off way to easily make your outdoors more manageable, a robotic mower is your answer! These fully-automatic devices free up space and time so that you get to live your life without worrying about manually maintaining your yard. Spend your time with loved ones as your robot works autonomously to give you a beautiful lawn.

Robotic Mowers for large projects

There are many robotic lawn mowers for large projects that will do the job for less money than manual ones mowing on a regular basis. These advanced machines have features designed with homeowners’ needs in mind and can help maintain an attractive property while still trimming just enough growth each time.

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The Benefits of a Robot Lawn Mower for Large Lawns

With large lawns, you’d want excellent robot lawn mowers that can tackle such large areas with ease. The time you spend on lawn maintenance for a bigger property can quickly get out of hand. Even if you mow the lawn once every week or two, it still won’t look as healthy and beautiful as it would if you used a robot mower.

With completely autonomous operation, you can have the lawn of your dreams without pulling a mower cord ever again. Here are just a few of the benefits you’ll get from owning a robotic lawn mower for small gardens.

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Monitor your mower remotely

If you’ve got a robot lawn mower for large yards, you should have all of the convenience that comes with it. The ZCS Connect system that powers our mowers gives you much freedom to monitor and control your mower from afar. While these mowers are entirely autonomous, you may still want to check up on them from time to time. You can do that easily through a smartphone monitoring app.

ZCS also sends alerts if something goes wrong so that you can manage the issue remotely, no matter how far you are away from home. Best of all, the geofence feature also provides you with alerts if the mower leaves its designated zone, so you get added protection against theft.

Higher efficiency as your mower learns

The best robotic mower for large lawns undoubtedly learns as it works. Roboworld’s fantastic range of mowers gets more efficient as they work. ZCS Connect helps your mower generate a GPS memory map, so it begins to learn the most efficient way to move around your lawn. This is particularly important for large lawn areas because the more efficient it is, the less power it uses. That means fewer trips back to the charging station and fewer electricity costs for you.

Quiet operation

The thought of jumping on the ride-on mower or pushing a noisy petrol mower around at night is justifiably foreign to most of us. But what if you could mow your lawns at night without bothering the neighbours? For many people, it’s not convenient for their lawns to be mowed during the day, especially if you have pets running around or kids enjoying the backyard.

Roboworld’s robot lawn mowers have three brushless motors that promise ultra-quiet operation. So, if it’s more convenient, you can program your mower to cut the lawn at night while everybody is asleep. This is also highly beneficial for places like schools, aged care homes and other facilities where noisy mowers can be a distraction during the day.

Cost-effective to run

The beauty of robotic lawn mowers is that they’re completely battery-operated. The primary overhead you have is minimal electricity expenses when the mower autonomously returns to the charging station. This is important for large expanses of lawn because the alternatives are pretty costly. Fuel for petrol and ride-on mowers gets expensive, and that’s if you only mow the lawns once a month. Remember that your robot lawn mower works every day to give you a beautiful, healthy lawn. Yet still at a fraction of the price.

The running costs are also minimal, with only blades needing replacement. Compared to a petrol mower or ride-on that has multiple moving parts that need repairs, a robot mower is relatively cheap to operate.

Healthier lawn

The bigger the lawn, the more obvious it is if you don’t maintain it well. Irregular mowing cycles often result in clumps of grass clippings damaging the lawn. However, you don’t want to do it every week when there’s a big area to mow. In comparison, the best robot lawn mowers for large lawns operate autonomously to provide a minimal cut every day. You get small clippings that actually fertilise your lawn and make it healthier, while saving on fertiliser and water costs at the same time.

Take back your weekends

Perhaps the most significant benefit of a robot lawn mower is the opportunity to take back your weekends. Think about how much time you waste each year pushing a mower around large lawns. If you value your precious free time and would rather spend it with family and friends, a robot mower is exactly what you need. It’s a completely autonomous unit, controllable from anywhere and gives you brilliant, beautiful lawns without lifting a finger.

Frequently Asked Questions

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The robot lawn mower is an amazing invention that, unlike conventional monsters, doesn’t suck up leaves or anything else in its path. Leaves that are grass height will get mowed but larger leaves will be pushed aside. The wind can hopefully blow them away as they won’t be getting caught up in the cleanly cut grass.

Although many robot mowers can handle slopes, steeper slopes of over 45% require specialised robots. With Roboworld, we have robot lawn mowers that can handle up to 55% or close to 30° slopes. You can find our top pics on the Slope Mower page.

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If you’ve got large lawn areas to manage, you probably don’t want to spend your weekends pushing a petrol mower around. Alternatively, you may also not want to invest in a ride-on mower that costs a lot to run and maintain. Why not get your hands on a robotic mower for large lawns and let the machines work for you? Take back your weekends, spend time doing what you love, and enjoy a healthy, beautiful lawn all year round.
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