Medium Projects

Medium-sized lawns mowed perfectly each time, every time

A robotic lawn mower is a great investment to avoid an excessively busy lifestyle. It takes care of your lawns automatically on a regular schedule once it’s all set up. As a medium-sized yard owner, you save time and energy that you can instead spend with friends and family. Find the time to do what you really want without compromising on your lawn needs with a robotic lawn mower.

Robotic Mowers for medium projects

If you want your medium-sized lawns clean and green without the hassle of mowing them yourself, there’s no better way than getting one of these robotic lawn mowers for medium projects. These durable machines will make your life easier with their minimal clippings from regular use and provide you lush, green lawns.

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The benefits of a medium robot lawn mower

Everybody can have a healthy, great looking lawn if they’re willing to put in the time and effort. Yet, in today’s busy world, who would want to spend precious time every weekend mowing lawns? Regular mowing is the best way to keep your lawn healthy and vibrant, but who has the time? The answer is much more straightforward than you think. With a robot lawn mower for medium projects, you can get the lawn you’ve always wanted without any of the hard work.

Roboworld’s range of robot lawn mowers for medium lawns can completely change the way you think about garden maintenance. No more sweating in the hot sun, pushing around a clunky old mower. No more running out of petrol and wasting your weekends away. Simply install, and let your robot mower do the work.

Here are just some of the reasons a smart lawn mower for medium lawns is one of the best purchases you could make.

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Remote mower monitoring

ZCS connectivity lets you control and monitor your robot lawn mower from a smartphone app. If you’re away for the weekend and want to make sure your mower is working properly, no problem! The system also sends you remote alerts if something goes wrong, and you can manage any situation from your app.

The other great thing about this feature is the extra layer of security. Geofence alerts notify you if the mower leaves your yard, so you get added protection against theft. For those who like to handle their garden maintenance from a distance, ZCS connectivity is an incredible tool.

Learning for increased efficiency

Did you know that your robotic lawn mower for a medium size garden actually gets smarter over time? The ZCS Connect system helps your mower create a GPS memory map, so it knows how to take care of your entire lawn in the most efficient way. The more it mows, the more it learns about the terrain and the fastest way to get its job done. The benefit for users is you get an optimal cut every time, and there’s no wasted battery life. More mowing, less charging!

Quiet operation

If you want to mow your lawns at night, you can do it with a robotic smart mower. Unlike traditional noisy mowers that you can only operate during certain times, the robot mower’s brushless motors create an ultra-quiet operation. Leave it running overnight, or even use it in areas such as schools or aged care facilities where noise can be a problem. Imagine going to bed and waking up with a beautiful, freshly cut lawn!

Cheap to run

With a petrol mower, it’s easy to think it doesn’t cost much. Fill your petrol can with a few dollars of fuel, and that will get you through at least a few mows. However, the comparison is a little misleading.

Robot mowers work daily, with minimal cutting to create a healthier lawn. The clippings help fertilise the lawn, unlike regular clumps of grass clipping that damage the lawn. So, your mower is constantly working to maintain your beautiful lawn. Even if you used a petrol mower once or twice a week for a similar effect, you’d notice your fuel costs increase drastically.

Because robot mowers are entirely electric, it only cost a small amount to keep them charged. This should cost you around $3 of electricity each month for a medium-sized lawn. Also, if you have solar energy, you can time your mowing operation, so the mower only charges during the day when electricity is free.

You’ll also find no other ongoing maintenance costs except replacement blades. Batteries and wheels are concerns only in the long-run. This is in stark comparison to older mowers with several moving parts that wear out over time.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Since our robot mowers mow regularly, the clippings are nearly invisible because it’s only a few millimetres of grass on each cycle. These small clippings remain on your lawn and quickly break down, acting as a natural fertiliser to bring you more vibrant, lush greens in your yard.

Conventional mowers can damage your lawn during the winter and after rain because the ground tends to become softer. Lighter robot mowers can still mow but we recommend you put away your robot lawn mower for the winter as grass growth is minimal anyway. Depending on the size of your robot mower, it may not function in full capacity on softer ground.

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