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Enjoy a clean pool all day, every day

Revolutionary, self-charging and fully wireless pool cleaning systems available at your fingertips! With an automatic pool cleaner that can be used all year round, get rid of the hassle of manually cleaning and maintaining your pool. Our robotic pool cleaners automatically enter your pools, do their work without any need for installation or external intervention, and give you clear waters all year round.

Cleaner, healthier pools without the hard work

Automatic pool cleaners are your best solution if you want clean pools 365 days a year without lifting a finger. These robotic devices take the hassle out of pool maintenance and require no human intervention. For a cleaner, healthier and safer pool, you can’t go past a robotic pool cleaner.

How does an automatic pool cleaner work?

The best automatic pool cleaners operate with complete wireless technology. Since it’s cordless, a robot mower can move freely around the pool. Advanced technology even helps it learn the underwater environment.

Robot pool cleaners can also move in all directions on both vertical and horizontal surfaces. They can also get into corners, steps, and other hard to reach places.

Perhaps the most impressive thing is that they charge themselves autonomously underwater. There are no charging stations, and there’s no need to remove the unit from the pool. It can operate all year round with no human intervention.

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NemHO Pool Cleaner

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The benefits of using robotic pool cleaners

When people think about any robotic product, the focus is convenience. With an automated system performing mundane tasks for us, we get more time to enjoy the things we’d rather be doing. However, in the case of robotic pool cleaners, there are several other benefits that owners can enjoy.

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Energy-efficient operation

There is a common misconception that robotic pool cleaners use a lot of power. This isn’t true because technology has advanced to a point where these useful tools are more energy-efficient than ever. Modern robot pool cleaners are battery-operated, and they charge themselves automatically. Energy consumption is meagre, and you could run your pool cleaner every day to consume less equivalent energy than a light bulb.

Use fewer chemicals

Like any wet environment, pools get dirty. To limit the growth of algae and other bacteria in a pool, we normally use a range of different chemicals. Chlorine is one of those chemicals, and too much exposure to humans can cause health risks. The beauty of using a robotic pool cleaner is that you can reduce the amount of cleaning chemicals you put in your pool.

The automatic pool cleaner does most of the work for you, scrubbing the sides and floor of the pool, even getting into those tight corners. By removing dirt, algae and other pollutants, you limit your chemicals use. Most pools will still require some level of cleaning products, but much less than usual when you use a robot cleaner.

An automatic pool cleaner protects your filters

Most pools have pumps and filter systems. It’s part of what keeps them clean and safe for use. However, it’s not uncommon for these systems to become clogged with dirt and other debris. Ultimately this means you need to clean the filters regularly, or worse, replace expensive pool products regularly. Backwashing is the process of clearing your pumps and filters, but this is a time-consuming process that wastes a lot of water.

Your robot pool cleaner takes care of much of the dirt and contaminants that normally get sucked into the filtration system. As a result, less backwashing is needed, your filtration system stays in good working order for longer, and you don’t even have to lift a finger.

Save time

Naturally, the biggest benefit most people see is the time saved on endless pool cleaning tasks. You want to enjoy your pool, not waste time constantly cleaning it. Even if you pay a professional to do it, you’re still throwing money away. Take back your weekends and let a robot cleaner take care of your pool!

No charging required

Unlike many battery-operated products that you need to recharge frequently, automatic pool cleaners are a bit different. For example, the NemH2O pool cleaner charges itself automatically in the water. No human intervention is required, meaning you can leave it in the water all year round.

Simple operation

Finally, who doesn’t want a product that’s easy to use? Once installed, your automatic robot pool cleaner can stay in the pool and work autonomously all year. It also uses wireless technology, so there are no wires or tubes to tangle it up, unlike older automatic pool cleaners. All you need to do is install it in your pool and put your feet up!

Frequently Asked Questions

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Although it’s best to run your automatic pool cleaner at least once a day, you can be less frequent depending on how often you use the pool. Infrequent usage of your pool means you can run your cleaner once every week or fortnight or even once a month. Customise your schedule to what fits your case just right.

Yes, however, it’s better not to because it increases the wear and tear of your robotic pool cleaner. The filters on your device could also get clogged over time, leading to lower efficiency and life expectancy.

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There’s nothing better than taking a dip in your backyard pool on a summer day. However, pools need a lot of chemicals and maintenance to keep them clean. If you want to take back the time you spend worrying about pool health and cleanliness, it’s time to invest in an automatic robot pool cleaner.

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