Portable Lawn Mower

Make life easy with a portable electric lawn mower

You don’t need a huge yard to experience the benefits of a portable robot lawn mower. Portable mowers are beneficial, not just for a small yard, but for complex yards and disconnected areas also. You can easily move them from one area to the next. Roboworld has plenty of options for smaller yards, making it easier than ever to get the beautiful, healthy lawns you want.

Types of Roboworld Portable Mowers Available

Whether you’ve got a small yard or something a little bigger, there’s a Roboworld portable mower for your needs. Lightweight, easy to operate, intuitive, and packed with smart features, you can’t go wrong with any of our models.

Here’s a closer look at some of our small portable lawn mowers that can make your life a whole lot easier.

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L60 Elite S+

Many robot lawn mowers require installing a wire perimeter for the system to operate. However, the L60 Elite S+ isn’t one of those, meaning you can move it anywhere you like. All you need to do is place it on a patch of grass, and the unit will start working by itself. It also has a timer function, that can be set, so the mower starts operating at a particular time. With a 3-hour continuous cutting time and the ability to handle yards up to 400m2, it’s great for those smaller areas. Best of all, because it’s lightweight, portable, and requires no wire perimeter, you can even take it with you to help your friends and family out with their mowing chores. It also features 4WD operation and is rated for slopes up to 50%, making it ideal for reaching those difficult parts of the yard.

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L32 Deluxe

When choosing a mower for a smaller yard, or one with a complex layout, the L32 Deluxe is a great choice. This affordably priced portable mower is built to handle narrow and difficult spaces with ease. Plus, the brushless motor is quiet, and the unit features advanced cutting features to ensure an even cut all over. The L32 Deluxe will run comfortably for one hour before needing a charge, and it is rated to handle slopes of up to 45%. So, while this unit is suited to smaller areas, it comes with all the technology and connectivity you need to manage and monitor your mowing from afar with an easy-to-use app. Best of all, you also get 100m of perimeter wire included to assist with your initial setup

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L35 Deluxe

The L35 Deluxe is packed with features and is ideal for small-medium backyards. The quiet, efficient brushless motor, combined with an advanced satellite assisted cutting system, makes this unit a cost-effective, affordable way to manage all your mowing needs. It will easily take care of 8 separate areas on your property. The L35 Deluxe is rated for areas up to 1,800m2 and can even provide excellent traction on slopes of up to 45%. With 2.5 hours of continuous cutting before recharging, you can even modify the L35 with different blade, wheel, and battery options to suit different types of lawns. For complicated yards, you can’t go wrong with the L35 Deluxe. Best of all, you can use it at a second location as long as you have it wired and set up correctly. That’s the beauty of small, portable mowers.

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The Benefits of a Portable Lawn Mower

Why do you need a portable robot lawn mower? Here’s exactly why!

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Lightweight and Easy to Move

The portable mowers here at Roboworld are extremely lightweight and easy to move. It’s perfect if you have a second property that you’d like to manage. Alternatively, if you have a close friend or relative, you could install a wire perimeter at their house and take care of their mowing for them too. In addition, you can operate models like the L60 Elite S+ with no wire perimeter installation. So, you can take the unit anywhere, set it on a patch of grass, and let it do its thing.

Greater Efficiency

The power of ZCS Connectivity is at your fingertips with a Roboworld portable mower. Thanks to GPS memory mapping, your mower gets smarter the more you use it. In this way, it learns the layout of your yard, understands the terrain, and knows how to cut your lawn with maximum efficiency. Ultimately this means it can do more on one battery charge because there’s no wasted effort.

*Not applicable on the L60 models

Use Them Any Time of Day or Night

Portable mowers use a brushless motor with fully electric operation, making them quiet for use at any time of day or night. You can schedule your mower to run at night, while you’re at work, or even while you’re away on holiday. This added convenience makes it easy to maintain a healthy lawn all year round, and you won’t even bother the neighbours.

More Time for the Things You Love

Ultimately, the benefit of a robot mower is getting your time back. All of those hours you spend maintaining lawns and sweating in the hot sun – is it really worth it? With a portable smart mower, you can get the job done without lifting a finger. Best of all, your lawn will be healthier and look better than before, while you enjoy more time with friends and family.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, portable electric lawn mowers can function in the rain but cutting wet grass may damage the lawn, so we recommend activating rain sensors. As such, your portable electric lawn mower will return to its charging base until the next work cycle and avoid getting dirty as well. However, you can turn off this setting if you so require.

You can clean your portable mower by making sure it’s switched off then using a brush or garden hose to clean the chassis, blades and wheels. You can wipe the body of the mower with a damp cloth. We recommend servicing your portable mower each year for proper maintenance.

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