L35 Basic


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Up to 1,200 m2 , L35 Basic brushless motor mower features

  • 2 x 2.5 AH Battery Usage
  • 2.5 Hours Continuous Cutting
  • Max. Permisssible Slope of 45%


Product Description

L35 Basic robotic mower
Mowing your lawn may not be the way you want to spend your weekends—especially if you have large or multiple areas to cover.

Why spend your time doing chores, when it can be spent doing things you love, instead?

This is all possible with our L35 Basic model; a smart brushless motor mower. Now, you can just leave your lawn to the smart lawn carer. Don’t let its small size fool you—it’s powerful enough to manage eight different areas!

Being part of the new generation of pro-line lawn mowers, the L35 Basic can manage a lawn up to 1200 square meters. Bluetooth connectivity and ZCS compatibility mean you can remotely control the robot—grab a drink and relax while you watch our brushless motor mower work its magic!

The L35 Basic is filled to the hood with advanced technology. This includes:

  • Flex-rubber rear wheels
  • High-efficiency brushless motors
  • Four-point star blade
  • Rain detection sensors
  • An Eco Mode
  • A Bluetooth receiver
  • Optional ZCS connect option
  • An optional Amico sensor for the safety of your pets

Please note that the retail price does not include delivery and installation costs.

Also note that lawns with high growth, high density or thickness may require the installation of extra batteries in your robot mower to maintain the full area of your lawn. You can also add extra batteries in your Ambrogio Robot to cut down on the charge/discharge cycles and have more time to enjoy your lawn.



Pro Line

Coverage Area

Less Than 1000m², Less Than 1200m², Less Than 800m²



Shelter Garage colour shiny blacK Shelter garage colour shiny black
Shelter Garage colour black carbon look Shelter garage colour black carbon look
Spike Spike


Max sq.mt suggested (-20%) 1.200
Motor type Brushless
Lithium-ion battery (25,9V) 2×2,5 Ah
Max. permissible slope (%) 45%
Max slope (%) 35%
Slope on the outer edge or perimeter wire (%) 20%
Average working time [h] 02:30
Recharge mode Contact


Blade type 4 Point Star Blade
Cutting width [cm] 25
Cutting height (min-max) [mm] 25-60
Spiral cutting system Yes
“SDM” cut No
“+ Infinity” cutting system No
Eco mode Yes
Rain sensor Yes
Manageable areas including the main 8


ZCS connect module (GPS, GSM) – 3 Optional


User interface Keypad & LED
APP control Bluetooth
Bluetooth receiver Yes
Smart assistant Included in ZCS connect
AMICO Optional


PIN Code PIN Code via APP


Perimeter wire length [mt] 0
Fixing nails 20
Charging station Yes
Cover recharging base Optional


Weight with batteries included (Kg) 11
Robot size (lxwxh) 540x450x252 mm
Wheel profile Flex rubber
Power sound [dB(A)] 59
Level of protection IPx4


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