The Benefits of Mulching

Ambrogio robot is the automatic lawn mower that takes care of the lawn completely on its own and in complete safety.

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The Roboworld robot mower is programmed to cut very frequently, so with each mow it cuts just a few millimetres of grass. The clippings are nearly invisible, are left on the ground and break down very quickly to act as a natural fertilizer for your lawn.

Does this create lawn thatch? No. Thatch will accumulate if the production of cut grass exceeds the ability of the microorganisms in the soil to break down the organic matter. The key to this is the size of the cut grass blades. When mowing grass with a conventional lawnmower, it is common to cut off large amounts of the grass blade (over 1/3 of the total length). If this is not collected, it will clump on the ground, and create thatch. Not only does this look unsightly, it is too big an amount to be broken down by the microorganisms in the soil. Mulched grass does not clump together, dissipates and is broken down much quicker.

Benefits of Mulching

As robots are programmed to run often, and cut very small amounts off the blade tip, this is quickly and easily broken down. The result of this is a natural fertilisation of the grass. An added bonus to this, is the removal of weeds. Weeds rely on their ability to grow quickly above the surrounding grass, obtaining maximum sunlight. As the robot is programmed to cut often, the weeds are not allowed to grow above the existing grass height, meaning they quickly die off, and are broken down by microorganisms in the soil. The result is a weed free lawn all year round!

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