Your Robot Mower Buying Guide

We get many questions regarding our range of Ambrogio robot mowers. Below is a quick breakdown of the things you need to consider, as well as helpful tips as well.

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How big is my lawn?

Make sure the robot you purchase has a m2 rating equal too or greater than the m2 of your lawn area. You can use online tools to help you determine your lawn size, or use our handy mower selection tool.

Is there any obstacles/features or slopes?

Check the inclination of the slopes, and make sure the robot is rated to mow that slope. Be sure not to confuse the slope degrees measurement (ie 30°) with the % (ie 30% slope, which is only about 18°) as this is a rating that many manufactures use. The Ambrogio L85 is the only robot with a capability of 45° (100%) slopes.

Where to locate the charging station?

Consider the size of the base station, and that you will need to run at least 1 meter of wire running straight into the opening so the mower can enter the charging station at the right angle. Also consider the need for security, and the fact that the mower will need a power source nearby.

Is my perimeter free from obstacles, and fences?

The mower needs uninterrupted access between mowing areas. if there is an obstacle,  consider where you will run the perimeter wire to avoid it. If there is a fence, we may need to consider cutting a small opening to allow the mower through.

Safety first!

Do you have children or pets that are in the yard regularly? Are there often toys or gardening implements left lying on the lawn?  These will need to be removed, and you will need to consider the lawn mowing schedule accordingly. Mowing at night is generally recommended, as the garden is usually less used during this time. you may also want to consider the Amico device, a Bluetooth transmitter that can be attached to pet collars, which talks to the mower, so it avoids mowing nearby.

Availability of parts and service?

The most important thing when investing in a mower is to consider the after sales service and support. Does the supplier back up their product? Do they have stock of parts? Do the sales reps/local dealers know their product well?

Why use a wire perimeter?

A wire surrounding the mown area means that the robot cannot mow outside its set boundaries. Not only is this the safest way to run a robot, it is very easy to install!

How is the robot installed?

We begin by assessing your property and finding the most efficient way to completely cover all areas. We will then install the wire around your property using a cable laying machine, which pushes the wire out of site, 5-10 cms under the lawn surface. This means no obvious lines, no permanent marks and an obstacle free lawn! We then connect the robot charging station, and program the robot to its most efficient mowing schedule.

How does the robot recharge?

All our robots come with their own docking station, which is connected to the perimeter wire loop. This is set up in an obscure area of your garden (requires power). The robot then returns to this after every mow, and automatically connects via metal probes to charge itself. The robot can automatically ‘fast charge’ if it detects it has another mow schedule before the end of its full charge pattern. If not, it will simply ‘slow charge’ (better for battery life)

What sort of batteries does Ambrogio use?

Ambrogio only use the highest quality Panasonic lithium ion batteries. They cannot be damaged by overcharging, and are easily replaceable.

What makes Ambrogio superior other brands?

Ambrogio has making robots since 1999. That’s over 20 years of experience in robot building! Ambrogio robots are a mixture of the latest technology and high quality Italian manufacturing. The range includes robots for small home lawns, all the way up to large industrial sized mowers.  The key unique differences of Ambrogio are:

  • High quality manufacturing, made in house at Zuchetti’s factory in Italy
  • Top quality maintenance-free brushless motors
  • Top quality batteries from Panasonic
  • Completely serviceable, accessible design
  • Latest generation technology motherboards (manufactured in-house)
  • Bump and tilt sensors for safety
  • App accessibility on all models
  • Updates via app, ensuring latest software always
  • GSM tracking and tracing
  • PIN lock, geo-fence and theft prevention
  • Simple installation
  • Large LCD touchscreen makes programming easy
  • Variety of different cut options available – 4 or 8 star cutters and safety swing back blades
  • Options for any size lawn – from small houses to large commercial properties. Run times from 2 hours up to 11 hours for any lawns.
  • Up to 45 degree slope cutting
  • GPS assisted smart cut patterns to ensure consistent coverage
  • Industry best mowing time
  • Industry best battery life
  • Industry best warranty

What size lawn should I consider using a robot mower on?

Our robots will mow any size lawns! Our smallest model will work on lawns up to 200 m2, and our largest one will mow up to 20000m2. If you have more lawn than this, we can run several robots simultaneously (even in the same area!) to cover it all effectively.

Do robot mowers need maintenance?

Very little! The mowers are completely sealed, and the brushless motors do not need brush replacements! Occasional cleaning, and blade sharpening are all that is really needed.

Can robot mowers work any time of day?

Yes! They are virtually silent, they can be used at any time, and in any weather! They also come equipped with a rain sensing switch, which will stop the robot from mowing in wet conditions, or delay its work until it stops raining.  

Are robot mowers environmentally friendly?

Yes! They are 100% electric! No harmful carbon emissions, no use of oil or engine fluids mean no environmental damage!

Are robot mowers pet friendly?

Yes! Using the Ambrogio manufactured ‘Amico’ feature, you can be assured for your pets safety. Dedicated bump sensors and blade covers also mean complete safety for anything in the mower’s path.

What is the warranty on a robot mower?

The warranty on all Ambrogio Robot mowers is 2 years, 3000 hours. This does not cover shipping costs or mistreatment of the product.

How much power does the Ambrogio consume?

Very little! The monthly consumption of Ambrogio Robot is considerably less than the fuel consumption required to use a petrol-driven lawn mower. For a medium sized lawn, the electricity costs of Ambrogio are just over $2 per month.

For more information about robot mowing technology, or our robot mower line of products, please contact our sales team here, or view our robotic mower range here.

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