Looking for a perfectly mowed lawn, all the time? Don’t waste a minute of your own time

-Let a robot mower do the work.

High Quality Italian Engineering

Bluetooth and GSM Connectivity

GPS Assisted Mowing

Tough Steel Blades

We don’t just care about lawns. We care about you and want to ensure you have time for the most important things in life!

Less chores – more time with family & friends!

Reduced carbon footprint.

Healthy lawns and greener grass!

No emissions.

Feel lawn proud 24/7.

A neat and tidy home.

Mower categories by square meterage.

Small Home

Up to 1800m2

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roboworld medium residential 273x198

Medium Residential

Up to 5000m2

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roboworld large acreage 273x198

Large Acreage

Over 5000m2

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Everyone deserves time with family and friends.
Life is too short to be doing chores...


No Perimeter Wire

Pro Line

Reduce the time spent maintaining your lawn while still enjoying the freshly-mown look, 24 / 7!


A freshly mown lawn says something about you!


Mulch and a minimal cut results in a greener lawn… be lawn proud!


Robotic lawn mowers save you time and reduce your weekend task list.

making you both
look good

Save time and improve your image with a robotic lawn mower!

Product Videos

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New mower... new you.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Ambrogio Robot cuts grass autonomously and automatically. It doesn’t require your help or assistance. Every day, Ambrogio Robot cuts a few millimetres of grass and leaves the clippings on the ground, fertilising your lawn in a natural way through mulching. Ambrogio Robot works according to programmed work intervals and alternates cutting cycles with recharging.

Ambrogio Robot works in an area marked by a boundary wire positioned around the edge of your garden. The wire is attached to the ground using plastic fixing nails or it can be buried. The beginning and the end of the wire are connected to the recharging base, which is connected to a power outlet.

Yes, Ambrogio Robot can cut while it’s raining. However, to prevent it from getting too dirty, we recommend activating the rain sensors because cutting wet grass may damage the lawn. Ambrogio Robot will return to the recharging base and will wait for the next work cycle. Please see the section in the operating manual entitled “Settings – Programming mode”.

No, we don’t offer our mowers on rent or for lease. However, you can take the help of our experts to select the machine that is right for you, and we’re more than happy to complete an on-site demonstration to ensure the Robot is fit for your purpose. You may also take advantage of finance options such as Zippay and Paypal Pay In 4 to pay for your new robot.

Ambrogio robots are set up to run in a perimeter wire. This gives accuracy when mowing the edges, and also provides a physical boundary for the mower to operate within. As soon as it is moved outside of its boundary, it will stop working and send an alert to smartphones and devices via the app.
For theft prevention, our robots are fitted with sophisticated tracking and geolocation software. Utilising both GPS and GSM networks, every move is tracked and every event is monitored remotely. As soon as the robot is moved outside its mow area, or tilted to a certain angle, an alert is sent via the phone network to the user app. Using a preset geofence perimeter, the mower can be accurately tracked to its location.
In the event that a robot is stolen, it can be quickly recovered. Not only can you watch your robot in real-time in your app, we can also perform remote troubleshooting and view event history.

Yes, Ambrogio Robot gives a warning when the batteries need to be recharged, and it automatically returns to the recharging base.

Yes, Ambrogio Robot is designed to work at an ambient temperature from -10 to +50°C, a range that far exceeds the growth rate of grass.

We’re glad you asked! This is one of our most common questions and the short answer is, “It’s not ideal” But, let’s explain why. Foreign objects like dog poo in the grass is not handled well by any mower – the matter tends to stick to the blades and underside of the mower and not be spat out like the grass clippings because it’s a lot more dense and full of moisture. The tough, durable blades (see more about them here: https://roboworld.com.au/razer-blades-vs-mini-bar-blades/ ) used by the Ambrogio robot mean it will be mulched to the same height as the cut lawn regardless, but it will spread across your grass, and possibly reduce the performance of the mower. The mower will need to be cleaned more often, and also, who wants this spread all over their lawn? So, we recommend removing your dog poo before using your Ambrogio Robot (as you would with any mower) to ensure a clean and healthy lawn.”

The monthly consumption of Ambrogio Robot is considerably less than the fuel consumption required to use a petrol-driven lawn mower. For a medium-sized lawn, the electricity costs of Ambrogio are just over $3 per month.

View the entire range of Ambrogio product videos by visiting the Ambrogio YouTube channel.

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