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Distributor for the Ambrogio Robot Line

About Roboworld Australia

Roboworld Australasia is a branch of Specialised Mowing Equipment. (SME Mowers). SME have been supplying the Australian commercial mowing industry with mowing products since 1984. In the 40 years that SME has been operating, we have built a reputation as an honest, rock-solid business focusing on the needs of it’s customers, both resellers and end users.

Its success and reputation as an industry leader is a clear reflection of its mission, vision and values. Roboworld Australasia is a continuation of this combination of experience and proven business model.

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Roboworld Australasia is the importer and distributor of the Ambrogio Robot Line, by Zuchetti Centro Sistemi (Zuchetti Central Systems, or ZCS) for Australasian region.

We are a locally run, family owned business based in Wagga Wagga NSW, with a dealer network around Australia, and warehouses in Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth.

About Zuchetti Centro Sistemi

Zuchetti Centro Systemi (ZCS) is an Italian based company that specialises in robotics and writing complex software solutions for the Medical, Manufacturing and Military industries.

It has been designing, manufacturing and distributing innovative hi-tech robots for over 20 years.

As of 2019, ZCS has –

  • Distributed 450,000 robots globally
  • Exported to 68 different countries
  • Has 3000 retail outlets globally
  • Has over 300 resellers in Italy alone

About the Ambrogio robot mower

  • High quality manufacturing, made in house at Zuchetti’s factory in Italy
  • Top quality maintenance-free brushless motors
  • Top quality batteries from Panasonic
  • Completely serviceable, accessible design
  • Latest generation technology motherboards
  • Bump and tilt sensors for safety
  • App accessibility on all models
  • Updates via app, ensuring latest software always
  • 4G tracking available
  • PIN lock, geo-fence and theft prevention
  • Supplied cable laying machine makes  installation a breeze
  • Large LCD touchscreen makes programming easy
  • Variety of different cut options available (4 or 8 star  cutters and safety swing back blades )
  • Options for any size lawn – from small houses to large commercial properties
  • Up to 40 degree slope cutting
  • GPS assisted smart cut patterns to ensure consistent coverage
  • Industry best mowing time
  • Industry best battery life
  • Industry best warranty


The Ambrogio is 100% electric which means there is;

roboworld eco friendly no pollution or carbon footprint 76x61
roboworld eco friendly no emissions 68x61
roboworld eco friendly no mechanical work needed 60x61
roboworld eco friendly no hydraulics 58x59
roboworld eco friendly no fuel or oil leaks 60x61
roboworld eco friendly no noise 76x61

The Ambrogio is a 100% green, eco-friendly alternative to traditional mowing. Added to this, the grass that is cut is mulched back into the soil, meaning a cheap source of nutrients for your grass, and no need to dispose of clippings.

Ready for a hassle-free lawn mowing experience?​

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