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Save time with fully automated lawn maintenance
Stop mowing the lawn yourself or taking on the hassle of looking for mowing services or personnel that may not be available all the time. A robotic mower mows autonomously on the schedule you set, whether day or night, and you save precious time for other work or friends and family. Prioritise your busyness and do what you love while your robot works for you, covering small and large lawns with no grumbling or complaining.

Your robot doesn’t compromise on lawn quality either. Enjoy consistently maintained lush, green lawns devoid of yellowing because of the intrinsic benefits from robotic mowers:
  • Uniform cutting on both even and uneven surfaces
  • Significantly reduced chances of weeds spreading
  • Minute trimmings that get mulched quickly
  • Natural lawn fertiliser and other benefits from mulching
  • Automatic pest and insect management

Compared to cheap mowers produced elsewhere, Roboworld’s Ambrogio robotic lawn mowers are precision-built Italian machines. Durable and built to last, these cost-effective green solutions stick around and serve you longer than traditional, conventional mowers. With anti-theft technology and safety sensors for pets or children, you get a safe and independent lawn mowing companion that’s forever loyal to you.

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Roboworld Australasia is a branch of Specialised Mowing Equipment (SME Mowers), supplying the Australian commercial mowing industry with mowing products since 1984. Our success has always hinged on the satisfaction of our clients, so we encourage you to ask anything you like during the demo.

Experience firsthand the quality of Ambrogio robot mowers and the outcome they produce before getting one for your lawns or your business.

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