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We have put together some common questions often asked by our customers. If you have a sales or technical question that is not covered here, please contact us.

Ambrogio Robot cuts grass autonomously and automatically. It does not require your help or assistance. Every day, Ambrogio Robot cuts a few millimetres of grass and leaves the clippings on the ground, fertilising your lawn in a natural way. Ambrogio Robot works according to programmed work intervals and alternates cutting cycles with recharging.

Yes. Ambrogio Robot gives a warning when the batteries need to be recharged, and it autonomously returns to the recharging base.

No. It is not necessary to collect or dispose of grass clippings. Every day, Ambrogio Robot cuts a few millimetres of grass. The clippings are left on the ground and act as a natural fertilizer for your lawn.

Ambrogio Robot works in an area marked by a boundary wire positioned around the edge of your garden. The wire is attached to the ground using plastic fixing nails, or it can be buried. The beginning and the end of the wire are connected to the recharging base, which is connected to a power outlet.

Yes. Ambrogio Robot is designed to work at an ambient temperature from -10 to + 50°C, a range that is much wider than the growth rate of grass.

Yes. Ambrogio Robot can cut while it is raining, however, to prevent it from getting too dirty we recommend activating the rain sensors because cutting wet grass may damage the lawn: Ambrogio Robot will return to the recharging base and will wait for the next work cycle. Please see the section in the operating manual entitled “Settings – Programming mode”.

Yes. Any objects you prefer Ambrogio Robot not to collide with must be surrounded by boundary wire, laid according to the instructions in the section in the operating manual entitled “Preparation and marking the boundaries of the work areas”. Ambrogio Robot will move to the edge of the wire, and then proceed in a different direction.

Yes, provided that these objects are over 10cm high. Ambrogio Robot will approach and gently touch an obstacle in order to cut the grass around it. Ambrogio Robot will then proceed to cut in a different direction. Ambrogio Robot will not damage and cannot be damaged.

The monthly consumption of Ambrogio Robot is considerably less than the fuel consumption required to use a petrol-driven lawn mower. For a medium sized lawn, the electricity costs of Ambrogio are just over $3 per month.

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