Choosing the Right Robotic Pool Cleaner for Your Pool

If you’ve got a pool, chances are you look forward to diving into your pool after a long day of work. A weekend in the pool with friends and family is also an anticipated experience. Or, if you use your pool commercially, like for a hotel, you want your customers to have an excellent pool […]

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If you’ve got a pool, chances are you look forward to diving into your pool after a long day of work. A weekend in the pool with friends and family is also an anticipated experience. Or, if you use your pool commercially, like for a hotel, you want your customers to have an excellent pool experience. A crystal clear and sparkling clean pool is essential to make that happen.

Treating your pool with chemicals isn’t enough to keep it clean and operating at a professional level. You have several options, such as hiring a pool cleaning service, but they generally cost you more in the long run. The modern, cost-effective option is getting an automatic pool cleaner – a robotic pool cleaner of the finest quality offers the most advantages in this day and age.

Robotic pool cleaners are the best pool cleaning devices you can invest in primarily because they are energy-efficient, time-saving, and easy to use. They fit any pool type and work independently without being connected to pool equipment like a pool pump or filter.

The benefits come at a price; robot pool cleaners have higher upfront costs than suction and pressure cleaners. When investing in a pool cleaner, it is best to spend time researching the one that best serves your requirements. We’ve curated some tips on choosing the right robot pool cleaner for your pool, which will help you decide wisely. Let’s get into it.

Things to Consider When Choosing the Right Pool Cleaner Robot

You need to consider various factors to choose the best robot pool cleaner for a clean and hygienic pool. Let’s explore these ones by one. 

1. Reliability

The first thing to consider is how reliable the product will be. You’re investing a considerable sum in a robot to clean your pool for you. Make sure it is a reputable brand that is also well supported by a dealer agent should you need post-sale help. Ensure the product is built well and of high-quality materials. 

Make sure to look into the warranty duration before purchasing. The manufacturer offers a warranty based on how long their product will last without any issues.

Like any machinery, the more you use it, the more they wear out. Warranty is based on a typical use per season, maybe 2-3 times a week in the case of a robotic pool cleaner. Hence, it’s also crucial to consider how often you will use it to get the best out of it.

2. Cleaning Capacity

Some robotic pool cleaners have a high cleaning capacity, meaning a larger debris chamber. If your pool gets a lot of debris and you currently have a pressure side cleaner, a robotic pool cleaner would be a valuable upgrade.

Certain pool cleaner robots can filter dirt as small as 2-3 microns to 100 microns. Make sure to choose the higher micron capacity robot based on the dirt your pool accumulates.

As opposed to suction cleaners in which the dirt goes to the pool filtration system, a robotic pool cleaner works independently from the pool filtration system, reducing the time you spend cleaning your pool filters.

3. Size and Type of Pool

Modern robotic pool cleaners can clean an average-sized pool pretty thoroughly, i.e. 99% clean, in about 2 hours. Look for pool cleaner robots that are appropriate for your pool size or have lesser cleaning time than other cleaners.

You won’t need a large robot if you have a small inground pool at your house. However, for larger commercial pools, look for a larger robot, which might have a higher price range but is totally worth smoothly cleaning your entire pool. 

Likewise, make sure to choose the one that’s made for your pool type because certain pool cleaners are engineered to clean either in-ground or above-ground swimming pools only.

4. Accessibility

Modern robotic pool cleaners come with remote accessibility. You can connect them with an app and wifi and operate them when you’re away. Some robotic pool cleaners also offer Bluetooth connectivity.

Remote accessibility is what you might need if you’re not available at home to operate the pool cleaner. Not being present at home at all times to take care of your pool shouldn’t deprive you of a perfectly clean pool. 

5. Price

The high upfront cost presents the biggest hurdle when buying a robot pool cleaner. These little robots aren’t cheap, so it’s advisable to explore different price options and get an automatic pool cleaner that’s within your budget and serves your pool cleaning needs.

For instance, the robot pool cleaner that only cleans the pool floor and slopes cost less than the one that cleans the floor, walls, and waterline and scrubs the tiles with brushes.

However, the price also determines reliability. While working on a budget, don’t make the mistake of buying a cheap product that wears out in a few years, which will cost you even more in the long term for repairing or replacing it.

Roboworld offers relatively higher-priced pool cleaner robots, but that comes with the absolutely brilliant perk of complete autonomy. Unlike other automatic pool cleaners, you’ll never need to remove your robot pool cleaner for charging, plus any messy cables or hoses!

6. Personal Research

Doing your research applies not only to robotic pool cleaners but to basically every other significant purchase you make. It’s not like the old days when you needed to visit the store to get proper information and then buy whichever one the salesperson effectively suggested. You can get most of the information you need right at your fingertips: Google it.

Look for well-established brands that specialise in engineering cutting-edge robot technology to clean your swimming pool. You can start by looking online and checking reviews of different robot pool cleaner models.

Some models come with a lot more features than you need, which only adds up the cost, whereas others may lack them. Dig into the details before making up your mind to ensure you’re picking the one that’s just right for you.

Features to Look For in a Good Robotic Pool Cleaner

1. Lightweight

Many generally ignore the weight of the automatic pool cleaner. We’re talking about something you’ll occasionally lift in and out of the water. It can be quite heavy to pull heavyweight cleaners out of the pool, especially for the elderly or someone with a back problem. Looking for something lightweight will be a lot easier on your back.

Our robots don’t need to be moved or lifted often at all as we prioritise function along with your utmost convenience.

2. Wide Rubber Tyres

Rubber tyres grip the bottom and the sides of your pool much better than plastic tyres. Also, four-wheel drive with rubber tyres should be able to manoeuvre over bumps and steps, reducing the chances of the cleaner getting stuck.

3. Long Cord or Cordless

The cord goes from the outlet to your robotic pool cleaner and should be long enough to freely move around so that it doesn’t get all bound up in one giant tangled mess.

The latest robot pool cleaners like NEMH2O have wireless technology to let them clean your pool without interference. Once you’ve installed the robot, it charges itself underwater through induction and can be left in the water all year.

4. High-Quality Brushes

The brushes help scrub the sides, the bottom of your pool, and the steps if it can climb them up, which most of them can do. It’s best to go with a pool cleaner robot that has good, heavy-duty brushes.

5. Programmable Timer

The timer built into the automatic pool cleaner allows you to run it for a specific duration before automatically shutting down. If you go out at night and let the pool cleaner run by itself, which you can totally do, you don’t want it to run throughout the night. Look for something with a programmable timer, so it turns off by itself when it’s done cleaning the pool.

6. Climbing Walls and Steps

Make sure to get a robotic pool cleaner that can climb walls and steps. Rubber tyres are a good indicator that they can actually climb up the wall, and if it climbs the steps, they can vacuum the steps, leaving every corner of your pool clean and tidy after a cleaning session.

7. Energy Efficiency

Although all robotic pool cleaners consume less power than other alternatives for pool cleaning, different models have different energy efficiency ratings — higher-rated models better serve your wallet by reducing your electricity bill.

NEMH2O is one of those advanced robotic pool cleaners that use minimum energy. You can run it daily, and the energy consumption is equivalent to or even lesser than the light bulb. Furthermore, it doesn’t need human intervention to charge. It charges automatically inside water once installed.

We hope you’ve gained a clearer knowledge of choosing the right robotic pool cleaner for your pool. Buying is just the first step, though. Regular maintenance is a must if you want it to run for an extended period.

Remember, you’re immersing it in chemicalised water, so occasionally, take it out and spray it with tap water to clean it. Take care of the rubber tyres, brushes and the bag that collects debris. You can easily replace these, and the more often you replace them, the longer the robotic pool cleaner will last.

Best Robot Pool Cleaner in Australia

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