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Ambrogio L400i Deluxe

Ambrogio Robot L400i Deluxe is a powerful and elegant, for very large areas.

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A powerful robot with an attractive design typical of Italian products, which can manage gardens up to 20,000 m2, even those with multiple separate areas. The L400i is the biggest robot Ambrogio manufacture and a great commercial solution for large grass area mowing.

The two models are also equipped with the ZCS Connect module to connect and interact with Ambrogio any time and everywhere. This allows constant updates and remote commands via the GSM phone network, and GPS guidence for covering large area evenly. You can also have peace of mind knowing that the robot is remotely tracked and offers frequent updates if removed from its pre-programmed geo fence area.

For more information about robot mowing technology, or our robot mower line of products, please contact our sales team here, or view our robotic mower range here.

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