Keep weeds out of your lawn with a Robot!

Ambrogio robot is the automatic lawn mower that takes care of the lawn completely on its own and in complete safety.

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Weeds are unwanted plants that always seems to appear in our grass when and where we don’t want them. Many weeds rely on quick growth, to grow above the surrounding turf or plants, to get a bigger share of the sunlight. This can mean that even with regular mowing 2-3 times a month, weeds will still grow through, and mess up an otherwise tidy lawn. One of the key benefits of a robot mower, is that they mow often. This means no vegetation can grow above the pre-set cut height, as it is always snipped as it grows above. While this doesn’t kill the weeds, it does keep their growth in check. As a result the weeds are a lot less noticeable, meaning a more perfect finish to the lawn. Even better, for many weeds which rely on this kind of growth like dandelions and capeweed, will die off as they aren’t afforded sufficient growth space, and as a result sunlight, to keep healthy and keep growing.

As an added bonus, regular mowing is very good for your grass! It helps to feed the lawn, keeping it green and healthy; Read more about the benefits of mulching here.

Keep weeds out of your lawn with a Robot

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