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Razer blades vs Mini bar blades

Ambrogio robot is the automatic lawn mower that takes care of the lawn completely on its own and in complete safety.

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It has been proven that a blade with a thin, razor like cut is much better for the health of the grass blade. The action of slicing the blade, rather than tearing, prevents the grass blade from yellowing off, and stimulates growth.

The issue with small razor-like blades (aka ‘safety blades’) is 1) they wear/dull very quickly, and must be changed regularly (ie; every couple of months), and 2) they do not have sufficient weight or inertia to cut anything thicker than grass blades. This would not be an issue if your lawn is a fine fescue or rye, but with tougher grasses, such as kikuyu and buffalo, the small blades can not cut very thick sections. They simply ‘bounce’ off thick sections (ie; the ‘safety’ feature is activated, as if the blade has hit a stick or rock). Over time, this results in uneven lawn growth, leading to very thick, spongy sections of lawn, which can be bad for grass health. Added to this, if you have leaves, sticks or even seed pods falling from trees, these will not be mulched, rather they will set off the safety feature of the blades, potentially resulting in an uneven cut (and changing the blades more often).

Bar blades are used on conventional mowers for several key reasons; 1) they are much more durable 2) they can cut through much thicker material, 3) they can be re-sharpened as needed, and 4) the longer cut edge gives a flatter, more consistent finish

So, what is the best option for lawn robots? A combination of all these features!

Ambrogio blades are mini bar blades. The combine the thin, razor-style cut of small safety blades, along with the longevity and versatility of large bar blades. They are just .5 mm thicker than the average safety blade, so when sharp, have the same ‘slicing’ effect as a thin razor or, or a cylinder cutter. However they are a full bar blade, so they have the power and weight to mulch sticks, small rocks, seed pods and leaves. The full cut edge of a bar blade means a flatter, more consistent finish (same as a conventional finishing mower). Added to this, as they get dull, they can be easily sharpened like any mower blade, saving the cost of replacements, and greatly lengthening the life span of the blade. Many of our customers get 2-3 full seasons of wear out their blades before needing replacement. Blade replacement is quick and easy, with just four screws to remove and re-tighten.

Still not sure? Ambrogio robots can be supplied with safety blades as well! Let us know if you would like to test them, and we can supply both for you to try.

Razer blades vs Mini bar blades

For more information about robot mowing technology, or our robot mower line of products, please contact our sales team here, or view our robotic mower range here.

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