5 Benefits of Robotic Mowers You May Not Be Aware Of

Robotic lawn mowers are autonomous machines transforming lawn care methods since the turn of the century. Did you know they have been around since 1969? Though they have been with us for decades, technological improvements have made them more practical than ever before. Most robotic mowers automatically mow grass within the boundaries of a perimeter […]

Robot Mowers

Robotic lawn mowers are autonomous machines transforming lawn care methods since the turn of the century. Did you know they have been around since 1969? Though they have been with us for decades, technological improvements have made them more practical than ever before.

Most robotic mowers automatically mow grass within the boundaries of a perimeter wire you set. When not working, they turn in for the day by returning to their docking station to charge their batteries. Conveniences like these are incredibly advantageous, but you get other benefits as well.

Let’s take a look at the 5 benefits of robotic mowers you may not be aware of. Before that, what makes robot mowers great not only for residential but also for commercial applications?

Why Robot Mowers are Great for Commercial Applications

Robot Mowers

Quality, efficiency and cost-effectiveness are significant factors that drive profit. Commercial application of robot mowers offers all this, saving you money in time, labour and maintenance.

It’s why robotic lawn mowers have been tremendous assets for parks management facilities, sports clubs, golf courses, landscape maintenance companies, or any such commercial application.

With robot mowers, you have a workforce that always shows up and doesn’t demand much. Quiet mowers allow client businesses to run without disturbance. You don’t have to deal with fumes, grease or fuel spots, and you get a high-quality output. Robot mowers can also get into hard-to-reach places. You get fewer weeds and no clippings with lesser effort.

Self-charging robot mowers can work hours on end, even when you’re off doing something else or on a break. What’s more, some automatic mowers offer you a variety of smart features that you can manage directly from your phone. These features include mowing schedules, performance monitoring and handling service issues using the web portal or an app.

Overall, your clients will have the same high-quality grass every day with less cost and manual effort from your side. That’s just a few reasons why robot mowers are great for commercial applications. Read on to find out about the benefits you may not be aware of.

1. Great for your lawn quality

Robotic mowers are great for your lawn quality because they directly affect the health and growth of grass. It’s how we handled Stirling Christian Church lawn maintenance and got it looking perfect and consistent throughout the recent lockdowns. Here are four ways robot mowers elevate your lawn quality.

Uniform lawn cutting even on uneven surfaces

When compared to many conventional lawn mowers, robotic lawn mowers deliver an exceptionally even and clean cut. You avoid unintended lawn striping since there’s repeated mowing from different angles. As such, the grass won’t be leaning in one direction.

The result is a rich, green lawn due to clean cuts that prevent grass tips from developing brown spots and fraying. Furthermore, robot mowers with pendulum-suspended mowing decks ensure uniform cutting, especially on uneven surfaces.

Weed management

Certain weeds can contribute to respiratory problems, particularly in children. Aside from this, they make your lawn look bad. Infrequent mowing and the lack of proper lawn management encourage weed growth.

However, robot mowers mow regularly and stimulate root growth, allowing for each blade to grass to form more shoots. As weeds get less nutrition and room to grow, you significantly reduce weed spreading chances on your lawn.

Benefits from mulching

Robotic mowers are programmed to cut on a frequent schedule. They cut only a few millimetres of grass with each mow. These minute clippings remain on the surface and quickly break down, acting as a natural lawn fertilizer. You further elevate your lawn quality because of the benefits of mulching.

Pest & insect management

It’s not uncommon for pests such as rats or insects like the mole cricket to infest Australian lawns and pose a lingering nuisance. Your robotic mower not only keeps your lawns clean and healthy to help identify any pest or insect burrows but also discourages them from staying or moving there. Nocturnal creatures can also be scared off using automated nighttime mowing schedules.

2. Time Savings

You can manage to mow a small lawn regularly, but you seriously need to put in some work and set aside a sizable chunk of your time with a large property. As the maxim goes, time is money. It’s our most valuable commodity since it’s such a limited resource.

A freshly mown lawn is great, but you deserve time with friends and family. That’s why we have robots.

Automation exists to save you time and effort, so it’s no surprise that it’s just what you get with a robotic mower. Save time with no more manual labour and get a well-maintained lawn where you can chill with loved ones. Let the robot work while you play with the kids when they’re still young.

Even if you’re off duty or working on something else, your mower will be operating on its own. You can even be soundly asleep, but your robot will work through the night to give you a freshly trimmed lawn without disturbing daytime activities. You’ll wake up to a freshly mown lawn instead of having to take out the time during the day to do so.

Robotic lawn mowers working alongside a human workforce is even better for obvious reasons. You’ll be able to reallocate resources on property or business and get more work done. Robots can handle the majority of the mowing while crews can do more focused, smaller tasks to enhance the overall appeal of the lawn.

It’s a tried and tested approach because many property owners who work full-time have implemented robotic mowers. In our large property owner case study, we explore one such case and see how one automatic lawn mower has successfully maintained a lawn of around 3200m2.

No more vast amounts of grass clippings. Less water consumption. Increased thickness and root growth. And, most importantly, no more having to mow the lawn manually, leaving for a delighted property owner with plenty of time with family and friends.

For landscaping or lawn management professionals and facilities managers, robotic mowers offer an efficient solution that you can smoothly implement. You’ll be able to easily monitor and schedule automated trimming of lawns, sports fields, golf courses, and so on in large properties. What’s more, you don’t need to head out to get them charging.

3. Cost-Effective

We just looked at how robotic mowers are great for your lawn quality and save you time. Now add in savings in fuel and labour costs, and you get quite the cost-effective long-term mowing solution. How does it work?

As fuel prices continue on an upward trend, battery-powered robotic mowers offer an attractive option. They present an all-electric platform, and if you’ve got enough solar panels, you won’t even be paying for the electricity to charge your mowers. In the long run, you’ll be saving tons.

Now let’s consider the savings in manual labour costs. A robotic mower never gets tired, never complains, is always on time for the job, and requires little maintenance. They last at least 10 years, but they can even last up to 20 years or more when serviced annually and not damaged. The robotic mowers can work night shifts tirelessly as well.

A shortage in labour impacts professionals and full-time working property owners, particularly ones with a large lawn area. Robotic mowing equipment allows you to maintain optimum lawn quality no matter the situation, such as during lockdowns.

Many professionals have had to turn down contracts because they didn’t have enough labour to pursue large projects. Robotic mowers will always be there for you.

A large college in Queensland effectively maintained its large sports field at a premium level with the help of two robotic mowers. In our school or college sports field case study, you can read in detail how the robots maintained consistent cut height, covered lost time, and cut costs without compromising on turf quality.

4. Great for the Environment

A properly maintained lawn is excellent for your home, family, friends, and clients, but it typically comes at a cost to the environment. It’s because conventional mowers consume fossil fuels, emit fumes, leave oil stains and residue, and even contribute to noise pollution. That’s not the case for robotic mowers.

Autonomous lawn mowers are generally smaller, have lesser operating costs and avoid detrimental impact to the environment. Since robotic lawn mowers are battery-operated and get charged through electricity, you avoid fuel and oil smells altogether. They are more energy-efficient, and some models use even less electricity – as little as 20 watts while operating.

In addition to this, they produce minute trimmings that get mulched and feed natural nutrition to the soil while avoiding waste simultaneously.

You may think that there will only be modest fuel and waste savings, but it adds up considerably as you consider time and scale. With a conventional mower, you could be paying $100 a year on petrol costs depending on your lawn size. However, automated mowing equipment could only cost you around $30 in electricity. With solar panels, that could just as well be zero. 

Imagine just how much emissions and air pollution you reduce when you add together millions of robotic mowers worldwide.

A bonus is that robotic mowers are put together in a simple way, so they are easier to take apart for recycling. They use fewer resources than conventional mowers, leaving you a lower overall carbon footprint in lawn maintenance.

Even in the most basic sense, robotic mowers are great for the environment because they promote healthier lawns throughout the year, even in the dry season.

5. Really convenient!

You can store robotic mowers easily because they are generally smaller. Since they don’t need fuel, you even save on fuel storage space.

Another point of convenience is that they don’t require manual operators. You can use them anytime, whether it is day or night, and they will operate independently. If you need your lawn for the day, your robot mower will work to get it ready through the night. Since they are less noisy than most conventional mowers, you’ll neither bother your family nor your neighbours.

The fact that robotic mowers don’t kick up dust is also a huge benefit, particularly if you’re prone to allergies. Your kids and any sick or elderly will be pretty happy with the clean air.

All previous benefits we discussed reflect just how convenient robotic mowers are for your lawn or business. Check out the Ambrogio L250i models to better understand how elite robotic mowers can efficiently maintain large lawn sizes of 3,200sqm and even 5,000sqm.

Robotic mowers are a great benefit whether you have a small lawn but little time or a large lawn that’s too tedious to take care of on your own. Considering the benefits we’ve discussed, they are an even better investment if you are a facilities manager or lawn care business owner.

If you are interested in a free demonstration, please feel free to contact us and discuss your requirements, or you can find out which model robot would suit your property best.

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