Where does the grass go?

We get many questions regarding our range of Ambrogio robot mowers. Below is a quick breakdown of the things you need to consider, as well as helpful tips as well.

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The robot mower has no catcher, so where do the clippings go?

With a robot mower it is not necessary to collect or dispose of grass clippings. The mower is programmed to cut very frequently, so with each mow it cuts just a few millimetres of grass. The clippings are nearly invisible, and are left on the ground and break down very quickly to act as a natural fertilizer for your lawn. The result is a healthy lawn that is always consistently cut!

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Is Robot Mower Right for You?

Many customers have this question in their mind when they come to us. The best way to get the right answer is to Book a demo. In the demo, we measure your property and understand your needs. Based on the assessment, we suggest you the right robot mower for you.

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